How Speeding Can Affect Your Car Insurance

There are a number of factors that can affect your car insurance and speeding is one of those factors. It is important that you know what it is that a speeding ticket can do to your car insurance so that you think twice before you press down a little harder on the gas pedal. Even if you think you won’t get caught, you just never know where the police are lurking, waiting for you to take that chance so that they can slap you with a speeding ticket. From there, you may find that your car insurance is affected.

But there was no accident!

It doesn’t matter if your speeding didn’t result in an accident. Many individuals find that their car insurance premium goes up anyway. Now, there are some insurance companies that may overlook a first offense, but it is rather difficult to overlook more than one because multiple offenses show that you are a high risk for an accident. This is based on the fact that speeding has a lot to do with why a lot of people find themselves in accidents. This means there is a potential that the insurance company will have to pay out more cash as the result of an accident, so they make sure they cover themselves for that risk.

Age is also a factor

If you’re under 25 and you are smashing down on the gas pedal, you will probably have to pay more in car insurance if you’re given a ticket. It is fair to say that the younger folks definitely have it harder than older drivers. The pressure is on to be the perfect driver because there may be no excuse for the first offense. The first offense may constitute an automatic rate increase. It really depends on the insurance company.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you. If you get a speeding ticket; that is the one way that you can truly find out how a speeding can affect your insurance. The fact of the matter is that speed limits are set for a reason. They are put in place for the safety of the drivers based on road conditions and other environmental factors. That means it is very important to abide by the speed limit. When you speed, you are putting yourself and others in danger. You would be horrified if you were in an accident that was your fault because you were speeding.

Finding new insurance

Having speeding tickets can also make it difficult to find new insurance. If you have ever filled out an online form to find the right insurance company, you’ll notice that the questionnaire will ask you if you have had speeding tickets. They may ask you if you have had them period or in a certain period of time. For example, it may ask “Have you had any speeding violations within the past six months?” If you answer yes, because you have, then you can expect that to have an impact on your insurance rate. If you don’t tell the truth, you have to remember that the insurance companies can find out. If they find that you have a violation and you have said you don’t, then they can terminate your policy and it will be difficult to find another at a decent rate.

So maybe next time you’ll think twice before pressing down on the gas pedal a little too hard. Not only will you have to pay the fine for the ticket, but there is also the hike in insurance premiums. Even if you try to find a new company, you’re going to be plagued by higher rates. That is definitely something you don’t want to have to content with.